Day 304-310 – Self Portrait Project (Photography)

Day 304


[PHOTO] Self – 3 March 2008

Day 305


[PHOTO] Self – 4 March 2008

Day 306


[PHOTO] Self – 5 March 2008

Day 307


[PHOTO] Self – 6 March 2008

Day 308


[PHOTO] Self – 7 March 2008

Day 309


[PHOTO] Self – 8 March 2008

Day 310


[PHOTO] Self – 9 March 2008

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2 comments on “Day 304-310 – Self Portrait Project (Photography)
  1. Nina says:

    I really, really like these. They are becoming more and more creative and fascinating. Dontcha think?

    OK, give………how many cameras do you own? If it’s more than 2, I think you’re a professional!! 🙂

  2. I hope they are developing in style and so on. I certainly seem to feel a lot more critical about them so maybe that’s (perversley) a good sign!

    Well up until late 2007 it was one – a compact digital point and shoot (plus you old 35mm point and shoot no longer used).

    Then I saw photos taken by a Holga and got bitten by a bug. Plus this last 2 weeks (literally only just now) I have developed a love and addiction for vintage cameras.

    Current total is … 8

    Canon Ixus I Zoom, Nikon D40, Holga FN, Splitcam, Kodak Twin 20, Brownie Hawkeye Flash, Kodak Duaflex II, Kodak Six-20.

    I also came home this weekend with a basket of old cameras belnging to my father-in-law to play with … I mean identify and examine more closely 🙂

    Oh and I gave my dad a wish list of vintage cameras for when he’s looking around car boot sales (sort of a mass yard sale equivalent in Britain).

    I have a problem! (Where to store them all … LOL)

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