First Roll of Film – Duaflex II

The second of my collection of vintage 620 film cameras I loaded with film was my Duaflex II.

duaflex ii side

Again I used a roll of 400asa Fuji Superia 120 film respooled onto a 620 spool.  And again it was a clumsy respool with the camera jamming because I’d only done half the job of respooling.  But I got some pretty pleasing results all the same.

The Duaflex II has an “instant” setting (marked I) and a bulb setting marked B so you have a little more control over exposure.  In these shots I used my D40 to meter.


Here’s a comparison shot of a digital photo with the Nikon D40 where I chimped the metering and the following 120 film shot from the Duaflex II (where I unscientifically counted the exposure in my head):



Outdoors I was interested in how well it would expose on sunny and cloudy days as well as how the fixed infinity focus dealt with close subjects as well as those some distance away.

down the garden path wild 

duaflex sky cloudy daffodil

On this bulb exposure for sunset you can see the damage on the film from my clumsy respooling and film jamming.  Also a comparison with a digital photo taken with my Nikon D40 on the same day.  I wish I had chosen a better sunset – but again I was perhaps a little too keen to finish the film 😉

sunset crease 20080317_sunset

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3 comments on “First Roll of Film – Duaflex II
  1. Tanya says:

    That vintage camera is gorgeous, and the photos are fab 🙂

  2. Mikki says:

    I love the fireplace!

  3. Thanks Tanya!
    Thanks Mikki!

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