My First Roll of Film – Kodak Twin 20

You might have read that I bought a load of vintage 120 and 620 film cameras.  The first one I bought was a Kodak Twin 20 and I now have the first roll of film back from the camera.

Kodak Twin 20

Mixed results which mainly turned out like snapshots than looking like more considered images.  I think I was a little too keen to finish the film 😉


wild shrubs

The Twin 20 has a focus ring on the lens with presets for close-ups, groups and infinity.  It doesn’t have a bulb setting however so you are limited to the one shutter speed. 

Kodak Twin 20 from above

I used a 400asa Fuji Superia 120 film, respooled onto a 620 spool.  I made a real mess of the respooling as it was my first attempt (if you don’t count the film I trashed to practice on in the daylight).  I respooled under the duvet, got very hot with sweaty hands and messed it up.  I put the 120 onto a 620 spool and loaded it in the camera when it promptly got jammed after 2 pictures. 

After much fumbling under the duvet I managed to unjam it but learnt that because the 120 film and the backing paper are loose at the end of the spool you need to first respool the 120 onto a 620, and then spool onto a second 620.  The film is stuck to the backing paper with a sticker at the beginning of the film and you need to unstick this and roll it tight to get rid of the bulge in the film that happens when you respool.

There’s good advice about respooling 120 film onto 620 spools here (which I should have read ALL of before thinking I could manage doing half of it!).

However – considering I messed up the respooling, got the film all crinkly, touched the film with my sweaty hands and discovered that the duvet was actually letting light in … the film turned out ok-ish.

daffodils chunk of lichfield cathedral

The focus looks good – the exposure not so good.  This could be to do with my mishandling or poor light or … ummm … the camera.  But it’s a sweet little camera to use.  Pretty good for a 99 pence camera 😉

dead ivy wall

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3 comments on “My First Roll of Film – Kodak Twin 20
  1. tom says:

    Interesting angles (low). 99 pence was a good deal indeed!

  2. Thanks Tom. Your comment was trapped in the spam filter but I just found it out set it free :o)

  3. Michael Raso says:

    Hi Rachel,

    I found this page as I was doing a GOOGLE search for Kodak Brownie cameras. Glad I found it!
    Michael Raso

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