Stitched Sunset (Photography)

I stitched this image from three digital photos taken on my Nikon D40 using Photoshop.

The balance has been adjusted slightly on the left and middle so it blends together better.

This is the sunset to the side of my house from the landing window – although you couldn’t normally see all of this with one look. 


[PHOTO] Stitched Sunset, 4 April 2008 – Nikon D40

Click on the image for a larger version or here for a supersized version

See this photo on Flickr

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3 comments on “Stitched Sunset (Photography)
  1. Nina says:

    All this creative talent PLUS you can do photoshop? Oh my, my, my……. trying to learn photoshop elements makes my head hurt.

    I think you’re heading for a cum laude here………..

    What’s a “landing window” in American?

  2. Well I know enough to do most of the things I want to [blush]. I’m not sure what you get in Photoshop Elements. I know for me the most important thing to get my head around was how to use layers. I still think of them as layers of clear film with bits of the picture on – like the old animation studios used to do.

    Well. Thanks for the compliment :o)

    The “landing” is (I think) the “upstairs hall” in American. In fact the photo is from abut half way up the stairs where there is a big square step where the staircase turns. In my world this too is a “landing”.

    We’re even – I had to look up what “cum laude” was … and thank you again :o)

  3. Nina says:

    Sorry, we call that a landing, too. I guess my mind wandered to a boatyard w landings. So, maybe you lived in a mansion on the Thames:-)

    Photoshop Elements is supposed to be a SIMPLER version of photoshop!! LOL!! I can’t do layers. My brain, oh my poor brain. It used to have a cum laude pin, now it’s mostly grape jelly up there:-)

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