Daily Self Portraits: Part 3 in Video

The third video installment of my year long daily self portrait photography project.  This video shows every daily self portrait from 4 November 2007 to 3 February 2008.

As I said when posting the first 6 months in video

Is it art? I’m not sure what anyone else will think but to me it is, along with being a diary, a document of life with CFS/ME, a personal insight into coming to terms with my chronic illness, a sketch of life gone by and with it good and bad.
There’s also more of a push on the creativity of my photography and I think you can see a development in my approach.  This is helped tremendously by acquiring a digital SLR during this 3 month chapter giving me greater creative control on the image as I moved away from using digital point and shoot. 

I was rather incapacitated with a virus during January and February which also shows I think.

See what you think.



The music for this video is “Try Your Best” by Kaiser Chiefs.


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7 comments on “Daily Self Portraits: Part 3 in Video
  1. Paul Groves says:

    Wow…again 😉

    I love it, I love you

  2. Aaaaaah 🙂 Thanks lovely.

  3. […] There’s still a little bit left of the project to go, but Rachel has compiled another video presentation of what she has done so far (the […]

  4. Nina says:

    WOW is right:-) Did you study any photography earlier? Any classes or self-taught? What did you use to make the slide show?

  5. I did a one day course on black and white film photography and developing at university – but we had to share the camera between 4 people. I only really remember learning about the developing and not the camera.

    I got interested in film making (well video) in school and my studied tv/video production at university (along with radio production). It was 60/40 practical/theory. I was told at school my feel for composition was pretty natural. But again I never learnt much about camera techniques.

    I learnt a LOT just pointing and shooting my copact camera every day for more than 6 months. I learnt a bit more pointing my digital SLR. I learnt LOADS from this book a few weeks ago and am still reading, absorbing and putting it into practice. Also – I am paying much closer attention now to technical things in achieving results as I look at other people’s work.

    So – pretty much self taught I suppose but with lots of bits of info and help along the way.

    I used Windows Movie Maker to put the still photos together into a video and add the music. It came with the bumper Microsoft Office software bundle I bought with my laptop.

    If you have any office products check and see if you have it – it’s one of those things I missed until my brother used it and told me about it. It does tend to crash so I shut everything else down on my PC and disconnect from the internet so it has all the chances it can get not to crash!

    I’ve used fliptrack in the past for slide shows with music too – you can do it on their site over the web or download their software for free for more control (but it does put their logo on your video).

    I’m sure there are others out there. I just got some software free with my webcam that might do the job too.

    Oh yer – I bought a webcam but haven’t got the nerve up yet to send you a video mail Nina!

  6. Oooops link for the book I mentioned. It really did lift a haze of utter confusion for me – I can’t believe no-one explained it so simply to me before!

  7. thereason. says:

    i loved this video and i really like the way you photograph. It shows how some days you felt good about yourself and some days you felt not so good, and showing self through other objects such as your cat(which is also a part of you=)) . Overall it was a great way of expressing and showing oneself:) good job.

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