The Story Behind Day 340

Day 340 – 8 April 2008.


Click on the image for a large version (see the rain! falling!!) or here for a supersized image.
this photo on Flickr.

This was taken as a tribute to my online friend Elizabeth who sent me this postcard from Japan whilst on an extraordinary trip of a lifetime.  Seriously extraordinary.

postcard from elizabeth

The postcard is printed on handmade paper and looks even better in real life. I’m touched that Elizabeth made the certainly not-small effort of hand writing a personal message to me on the back.  Thank you.

This is a also great opportunity, on Day 340 of the project, to say thank you to all my friends, family and acquaintances who have helped encourage my daily self portrait project and indeed all my artistic endeavours over this last year and more.

Thank you all.

Finally a special thank you to my photography assistant today for holding the umbrella over the camera, posing for metering purposes, allowing me to offload bits of kit onto, and getting a bit cold and wet for the sake of ‘art’ …  my ever patient and ever enthusiastic husband. :o)

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3 comments on “The Story Behind Day 340
  1. Elizabeth says:

    Cool! And only 25 days to go, what dedication, I think the closest I have come is just blogging. I really admire you doing this project. Woo hoo for umbrellas!

  2. Donimo says:

    That’s so cool to see the postcard and what it inspired. What a great project. I think Elizabeth’s travels has inspired quite a few of us.

  3. Rachel M says:

    I follow Elizabet’s blog, so I understand how precious the postcard is. She s really courageous and inspirational. I am at the bottom of her postcard list. When I receive mine, I will share it with you.
    Yours is very nice and your tribute to the postcard has the same atmosphere, which is very impressive. 🙂

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