Blogging for ME/CFS Awareness 2008

For 2009 onwards please visit  ME Aware blog – a central resource for individuals blogging and online activities for ME Awareness


When you have ME/CFS it can be hard enough to manage basic daily tasks let alone finding ways to be an activist for fair treatment, research and so on of your illness. 

International ME/CFS Awareness Day is on 12 May 2008.  If you’re short on energy or ideas on how to do your bit why not join me in blogging on (or around) that date about ME/CFS.

Blog for ME/CFS

To join in:

  • Leave a comment on this post to tell me you’re going to try to blog for ME/CFS Awareness with a link to your blog
  • Blog on (or around) 12th May 2008 about ME/CFS.  Anything you like – blog about classic symptoms, what life is like with mild, moderate or severe ME, attitudes of other people to your illness (and you), the challenges you face, the joys you have despite being chronically ill.  Anything that will raise awareness – even if it’s just a link to a site that tells people more about the illness
  • Leave a comment once you’ve blogged so I can list your post (I’ll compile a list here and you’ll have even more chances for people to find your blog)

FULL 2008 BLOG POST ARCHIVE HERE and at the end of this post.

Whether you are ill, in remission, now well, a carer, a health professional, a friend, colleague or family member of someone with ME/CFS you can blog to raise awareness. If you’re diagnosis is CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), M.E. (Mylagic Encephalomyelitis/Encephalopathy), PVFS (Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome), CFIDS (Chronic Fatigue and Immune Disorder Syndrome), FMS, Fibromyalgia, MCSD (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity),  or  you think you have one of these I know you have something to say.  May 12th is also International Fibromyalgia Day!

Code to Link Back Here

To link to to this post you can copy this code:


<a href="">Blogging for ME/CFS Awareness 2008</a>


You can use my ME/CFS Awareness Day ribbon pictures on your own blog or web site.

ME/CFS Awareness Ribbon - Small         ME/CFS Awareness Ribbon - Small - Orange Background

Either save a copy or see this post for code.

I have small, medium and large badges on both a white and an orange background with a blue ribbon for ME. 

Bloggers for ME/CFS Awareness


Ashysheela – International ME/CFS Awareness Day

Behind The Surface – Yet another ME/CFS Awareness Day post

Cinderkeys – A Song for CFIDS – Everybody Knows About Me

Cusp – Must Try Harder

Donimo – Fibromyalgia Awareness Day

Elizabeth McClung – Blogging for CFS/ME: Honor those to whom honor is due

GreenWords – Awareness Sqeak

JoWynn – ME-CFS Awareness Day

Life As We Know It – Happy Awareness Day

NMJ – The State Of Me Publication Date

Maggie – International ME/CFS Awareness Day 2008

Maija Haavisto – CFS/ME awareness day 2008

Mick: From the Tram – ME/CFS International Awareness Day

Paul Groves – Controversial, ME? Whatever could you mean?

RachelCreative – What is ME/CFS?

RachelM – ME/CFS Awareness Day and see her photo posting Long Driveway

Reading The Signs – Coming of Age

Sandy/Fighting Fatigue – Today is CFS & Fibromyalgia Awareness Day

Seahorse – These Days

Zarii – Chronically Fatigued Blogging for M.E. Day ~ 12th May 2008


  1. As usual, you are wonderful!
    Thank you very much for organising this project. My voice is too soft to be heard, but when a lots of soft voices get together, it surely becomes powerful voice. I’m also interested in getting to know fellow MEites and people with similar conditions through this porject.

  2. I’ll try and get to it, but am going to the MERUK conference in Cambridge next week, so may be too knackered. 😉 Rather got out of blogging at the mo as just have too much stuff going on at the mo. 😦

  3. Hi Rachel,
    Thank you for creating this site. I stumbled across it by Googling “International M.E. Day” – a very lucky stumble…

    I’m not able to do much at the mo (5 years of M.E. – the last 8 months pure hell!) but have cut and pasted your Awareness Day logo, thanks again ;-), and will be appending it to all emails up until the 12th – and probably beyond…
    Good to ‘meet’ you,

  4. Cusp – Great! Good to have you here

    Catherine – Poor you! I hope this hellish phase passes quickly. Glad the logo has been of use to you :o)

    Reading The Signs – I’m glad you found me :o)

  5. I’ll be compiling a list in a blog post of all the blogs we manage to do on May 12th. I’m in the UK so I might be a bit behind or a bit ahead of your time zone.

    Also hubbie has a big birthday this weekend and we’re away this weekend so I may be a bit slow getting going on the day itself.

    If you leave a comment pointing to your post then we’ll all be able to find it (and I’ll compile a list as soon as I can).

    And thanks for wanting to do this with me. Even if on the day you’re not able to we all understand what it’s like. You come before M.E.

  6. Greetings Rachel – just to say that it doesn’t look as though the link is going through to my site. I had a look at the others and they seem ok. Just thought I should let you know.

  7. Hi Rachel! I just need to check with you that it’s ok (copyright wise)and ur intention for any MEite or supporter to use/copy you ribbons & blog about the illness on ME Day, or leading up to it? I need to verify as heaps of Facebook people want to use it and I have given credit to you on Foggy Faces as the creator already. A mutual friend of ours was concerned, so I wanted to double check, other than understanding that it is fine already! Maybe I have it all foggied up! 🙂 I will post the URL to here on FB too – that will really help raise awareness – we have 88 members so far. Thank you muchly. Sorry to be a bother. Zarii/Pixi 🙂

  8. hi have added your badge to my face book and sending out ribbons to remind all i know doest seem like much sorry but struggling to get along

    hugs to all


  9. Thanks so much Rachel for creating these awareness ribbons and sharing them with us all.I really wanted to show some kind of awareness for May 12th on my Facebook page but dont have great I.C.T. skills and don’t feel too great at the min so was really struggling so when I came across your ribbon logo I was delighted and now have it proudly displayed on my page.Thank you.I have M.E. probably had it for many years but have only been diagnosed 3 years when I became very bad with it.I dont know about others but I always want to do more to raise awareness and even funds but I am so not able to as I feel so ill at the min it’s very frustrating so thanks a million for this! Hang on in there everyone!

  10. Reading The Signs – Ooops! I just copied it from the comment and didn’t check. I’ve fixed it now :o) Thanks!

    Zarii – YES! Use and distribute and re-distribute. My only limitation is not to produce merchandise or use it for making money without asking me first. But for use on personal blogs, web sites, profiles and so on – yes yes yes! Thanks for spreading the word.

    I made the ribbon last year because RachelM wanted a way to show support easily when not well enough to DO very much.

    Maya – Thanks for leaving a comment. I’m glad the ribbon is useful for you. I think we all understand what it’s like when you’re struggling.

    Claire – Thanks for leaving me a comment and using the ribbon. I was so shocked when I looked last year and couldn’t find anything like this to just display to show some support so that’s why I did it. I’m really pleased it’s being used :o)

  11. hi!
    I have started a blog for International ME Awareness Day 2008! still getting the hang of it but composing something for tomorrow and will post later on today/tomorrow… nicked a ribbon but could not make it into a link… will be a learning curve 🙂

    looking forward to reading everyone elses!


  12. Hey Rachel, This is a lovely banner, I have seen it here and there,
    and it reminded me of May 12. I will post your banner but prob not blog about ME tomorrow – my novel The State of Me is coming out soon, and I hope I have said it all there! It has been an utterly chaotic journey getting to publication, I may be able to post the actual July date tomorrow, but not sure yet. I hope The State of Me can educate people through fiction. with all good wishes. Nasim

  13. Ashy – How exciting! You’ve started your own blog. :o) I will be over now to have a nosey.

    Nmj – Congratulations on completing your novel and getting it to publication. And thanks for your comment. Glad the banner is useful to you :o)

    Reading The Signs – Thanks! I’ve added it to the list and I’ll be by shortly to read your post too :o)

    Rachel – Thanks. It’s my pleasure to organise something for today. It’s a great feeling to know we’re doing something together. I shall stop by your blog shortly.

    Maggie – Thanks for the link. Found it no problems :o) Be over to yours in a bit to read your post.

  14. Phew! 🙂 Mine’s up too…thanks to RM for rescuing my IT problems…Mmmwah to you all. Now I’m away to bed…it’s already tomorrow here…!

  15. Shoot, I wish I’d seen this before yesterday, but I did blog about CFIDS/ME Awareness Day here:

    My band, Cinder Bridge, also has a song up on Myspace about living with undiagnosed CFIDS/ME (though it could apply to a range of invisible illnesses):

    I’m bookmarking this page so I’ll have it for next year. Or for anything that happens between now and then, for that matter. Thanks for doing this!

  16. Sue – Thanks for the link to your blog. I don’t see a post for ME/CFS Awareness specifically (unless I am being really brainless which is possible). If you get chance to write a little something let us know and I’ll add a link to the post to the list.

    Doesn’t have to be a huge post and I for one am not bothered if it’s not on the actual day.

    I know a couple of British ME patient groups here use the whole month of May as ME Awareness.

    Thanks for your post and link about LDN – interesting stuff.

    Cinderkeys – Well you’ve found us now! I’ve added your CFIDS awareness post to the list and left you a comment too.

    Yes I think we should do this again next year. It will 12 May 2009. Unless of course anyone else wants to host it or I find someone else doing something similiar so we can unite :o)

  17. Being my usual crap-with-dates self, I totally missed this until after it had happened. But now that I’ve seen your blog I’m looking forward to sitting with a cup of tea and having a read of everyone else’s entries 🙂

  18. Tanya – It was only thanks to someone asking me about using last years badge (or updating it) a few weeks before that made me remember!

    Everyone has done a great job on their posts. Enjoy the tea and reading :o)

  19. Hi Rachel- I am new to all of this but I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and CFS over the last few years. It has effected me to the point that I am going through a complete life change. I am 43 and have lost everything over the last few years over these illnesses including my business, family, kids, home, money, and health. What I have decided to do to fight back is create a website for men in transition/starting over with a major focus depression,fibro, chronic fatigue and all the other exciting illnesses that go along fot the ride.
    The website is
    I would appreciate any comments you may have.

    1. Hi Karmen

      Thanks for joining us. Please hop over to the ME Aware blog where you will find a list of bloggers and their posts for 2009

      Look under the Participants tab at the top of the page or the first blog post which is about how to take part.

      I have added your blog details to our participants list. When you’ve written a post for ME/CFS Awareness it would help if you could leave a comment and let me know. Then I will add that to the list too.

      Thanks again!

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