Throwaway Sculpture – A Question

So I have this idea for a piece of sculpture which I’ve been formulating for a while now.

The piece would be large – too large for me to store or to display in my home.  At least 2 foot high and wide.  Even if someone loved it and wanted to take it off my hands it’s still going to be too large to mail to anyone (lightweight but bulky).  It would also be a nightmare to dust and keep clean.  Do most people consider the dusting when they acquire art I wonder?

Plus I don’t even know if the idea I have will work.  I’ve had the concept since last year but the details of the execution are a little sketchy.  It’s something totally new for me but it has great personal meaning to me.

I could scale it down and make a number os smaller versions but it won’t have the same effect and I’m loathed to compromise in a way that lessens the effect.

So … do I spend precious time and energy trying to create a piece of sculpture which may or may not suceed and if it does work I can only photograph to share it with you all here and then probably have to trash it and throw it away?

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12 comments on “Throwaway Sculpture – A Question
  1. Paul Groves says:

    Life’s too short for the would’ve, could’ve and should’ve stuff.

  2. Nina says:

    Folks who can buy sculpture have people who dust for them:-) Do you hands NEED to do this? is the question I would ask myself.

  3. Christ Almond says:

    Very intriguing … 2 foot high and wide, a nightmare to clean, bulky but lightweight. It isn’t a scale model of Mr. Creative is it?

  4. Paul Groves says:

    Careful now Almond!
    I’m very touchy about having the shortest legs in the world, scale model or lifesize 😉

    (But if it was a model of me, it would be a delight in every respect)

  5. Paul – You’re right.

    Nina – You’re right too. I think I need to yes.

    CA – LOL – Careful now!

    I realise now that if I do go ahead and try to do this piece I’m going to have to let you see how I get on … hmmmm …

  6. Mikki says:

    Do it Rachel! You would be amazed at your ability to find a space that’s 2foot cubed.

    M xxx

  7. Well … OK then.

    I have glue on order and I’ve started on the prep. It’s going to take a bit of work though. I shall report back as I (hopefully) make progress.

  8. Ursula says:

    I too am intrigued by your concern over size (I had to get out my double sided measuring tape since I tend to work in centimetres).

    Sculptures are cumbersome by their nature but since when has that stopped a sculptor? If the worst comes to the worst Flyman could always offer to move out to make room. On the other hand, next time I am passing through Birmingham, I might take it off your hands. I don’t mind dusting.

    Let me know the subject matter you are contemplating.

    Be careful with the glue though. I myself have come to many a sticky end.


  9. Thanks Ursula :o) I still have a huge penguin sculpture on my want-to-do-list. I think it’s not so much doing one large sculpture – it’s the idea of how many will follow and clutter up the house I suppose!

    I could of course leave an opening so it could double as a home for Flyman … hmmm … it would be even harder to dust INSIDE it …

    It’s going to be a scuplture about waste. But it’s also about illness and life. I’m being cryptic aren’t I? I don’t want to reveal too much until it’s underway – sometimes stating it in writing stops the flow.

    Oh and when I ordered my industrial strength super glue (seriously) I also ordered debonder at the same time. I just know I am going to become attached to this sculpture in a way I don’t want. So Mr Creative shall have custody of the debonder to rescue me from sticky situations.

  10. Ursula says:

    Rachel, your idea of giving Flyman a new snoozing place is splendid. Why didn’t I think of that?

    I couldn’t agree more with your wisdom of not revealing too much till you are at least some way into your project; doing so often does take the puff out of one’s sails. So, stay cryptic. Since you are working on “waste”: If you need rubbish (of any kind: material or mental) I am at your disposal.

    Good luck. May the muse kiss you and Mr Creative be on standby with the debonder. Make sure though he’ll read the instructions well before first aid is needed.


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