Styling for Bed (Drawing)


[IMAGE] A6. Ink and watercolour.

I styled my hair for the first time in a long time yesterday as we were going out to meet friends.  But I found myself preening in the mirror as I got ready for bed.  It made for an interesting bed head this morning where my new hair style looked disctinctly like a quiff in the making (ducktail in American).


  1. What’ a “quiff” in Americanese? BTW, I’m really happy to see your drawing again. The photos are wonderful in themselves, but I’m partial to drawing — you can understand why:-)

  2. “quiff” sounds rather dirty. I approve. I’ve had a rough few days and keep looking at the originals I got from you..cheering me up lots..not that drawing is your “thing” or anything 😉

  3. Maybe I have to accept it is my thing? If I could physically paint or sculpt then that would be my thing. But drawing is my only practical thing right now. I suppose there are worse things to have as your thing …

  4. But YOU are not your “thing”. That is one role you do, as is daughter, wife, whatever. The essence of Rachel is that space inside that is indescribable in words. Oh, forgive me for babbling on — this is “my thing” these days:-)

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