Throwaway Sculpture – An Update

Humph.  Following on from my throwaway sculpture question (should I try when I might just have to throw it away?) I have an update for you.

It’s not going to work.  Humph.  Grump. Pah!

The concept was (past tense) to use (now empty) blisters of medication glued together to form the surface of a huge ball. 

About half of these tablet blisters are see through and so create these tiny little bubble windows to the world.  So you would be able to see glimpes of the inside of the ball and light would cascade through it.  OK so maybe not cascade, but it would be a ball which lets in light.

Except I can’t get the construction quite right.  Lots of rectangles patchworking to make the surface of a big ball is harder than I thought.

So a rethink is needed.

If I ever figure out a way to use the materials I will let you know.  If silence descends on this topic you know I never figured it out!


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2 comments on “Throwaway Sculpture – An Update
  1. katie ash says:

    well, i love the concept! maybe a wire framework underneath would be almost unnoticable and help to create a structure to stick them to… or do it around a balloon then pop it… or something!

    don’t give up – i bet there is a way… i shall keep thinking 🙂

  2. Thanks Katie :o) I have a support to work on (I knew that exercise ball would come in useful one day) but it’s not strong enough with just the pill blisters to keep it’s shape. Yes – some kind of re-inforcement that will add to the piece is needed. Hmmm …

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