Blogging for ME/CFS Awareness 2008 – Blog Archive

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Below is an archive list of the blog posts for Blogging for ME/CFS Awareness 2008.

12 May 2008 is International ME/CFS Awareness Day and we are bloggers who are trying to do our bit to raise awareness.  Different names united in raising awareness – CFS, ME, CFIDS, MCS, PVFS.  It’s also Fibromylagia (FMS) Awareness Day.

If you have written a blog post for ME/CFS Awareness and want to be added to our archive list please leave a comment pointing me in the right direction.

Bloggers for ME/CFS Awareness


Ashysheela – International ME/CFS Awareness Day

Behind The Surface – Yet another ME/CFS Awareness Day post

Cinderkeys – A Song for CFIDS – Everybody Knows About Me

Cusp – Must Try Harder

Donimo – Fibromyalgia Awareness Day

Elizabeth McClung – Blogging for CFS/ME: Honor those to whom honor is due

GreenWords – Awareness Sqeak

JoWynn – ME-CFS Awareness Day

Life As We Know It – Happy Awareness Day

NMJ – The State Of Me Publication Date

Maggie – International ME/CFS Awareness Day 2008

Maija Haavisto – CFS/ME awareness day 2008

Mick: From the Tram – ME/CFS International Awareness Day

Paul Groves – Controversial, ME? Whatever could you mean?

RachelCreative – What is ME/CFS?

RachelM – ME/CFS Awareness Day and see her photo posting Long Driveway

Reading The Signs – Coming of Age

Sandy/Fighting Fatigue – Today is CFS & Fibromyalgia Awareness Day

Seahorse – These Days

Zarii – Chronically Fatigued Blogging for M.E. Day ~ 12th May 2008


  1. Hi Cusp – It’s a great post too – I just read it before I saw your comment :o)

    Thanks for the link.

    Everyone has done a great job today :o)

  2. I keep trying to comment here and keep getting kicked out – so if this is in triplicate, I am not an idiot, only a idiot when it comes to computers, RachelCreative, please come and add the link, I fear to add it again, but I did blog, as promised, on the 12 (in my time zone).

  3. Elizabeth – thanks for perservering ;o) I have an incredibly s-l-o-w laptop this last two weeks so I can sympathise. Thanks for the post. I shall come read it properly in a bit.

  4. Congratulations on such a great job, Rachel!
    Whenever I see your awareness ribbon on the net and looking at more and more awareness blogs were added to this page, I couldn’t push the overwhelming emotion of proud.
    I know this project required great efforts, organisation and consequences for a person with ME/CFS.


  5. Commenting here after commenting to a related April entry that I backread. Apologies for the redundancy.

    I posted for CFIDS/ME Awareness Day here: It wasn’t nearly as comprehensive as yours. My hope was to get across, if nothing else, that it’s not just tiredness.

    Thanks for doing this!

  6. I just found this YouTube video for ME/CFS Awareness, and felt it is appropriate to show you here.

  7. Rachel – Thanks and thanks for the youtube link.

    Cinderkeys – Thanks and I’ve added your blog post and song to the list.

    JoWynn – Thanks for the link. I’ve added your post to the list too :o)

    Donimo – Thanks for your fibromyalgia awareness post link. I’ve added it to the list. I’m glad to have fibromyalgia respresented here as we share the same awareness day and our conditions have a lot in common (some researchers beleive they are closely related).

    Brian – Thanks for the link. It is certainly a post which speaks clearly about your battle with CFS.

    I haven’t added the post to this list as it is a list for posts for awareness for this years awareness day (2008). If you wanted to write something – even if it’s a little later than the actual day (12th May) – I’d be happy to add it to the list.

    So glad to hear you have recovered somewhat even if you are not 100% pre CFS levels.

    Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment.

  8. My goodness, that slipped my by. You could kind of add Hypersomnia to the list. It is different, but similar in symptoms and devastation. It’s just cost me my 6 figure career, robs motivation, and the ability to be awake.

  9. Hi Steven. I just did a quick search on Hypersomnia as I know nothing about it. (This information sheet from the National Institute of Neurological Disorders)

    What a devasting condition. It must be incredibly difficult to live with. I, for one, am now a little bit more aware!

    You are a talented photographer by the way :o)

  10. Thanks for adding the link to your reply. Quiet simply that is about all the information there really is. I have read some reports that mention the condition but nothing in great detail. Even the consultant explained that no-one really understands it at the moment. I hate the thought of drugs, but the modafinil does seem to help out, thankfully!

    Thank you for your kind comments about my photography – having a focus (pardon the pun) has been a major help.

  11. Hi. I didn’t forget but I wasn’t well enough on the day. Then I really did forget and now I’m very annoyed. I’m in that place where other people say it so much better than I do. Thanks for putting this together, it means a lot.

  12. Hi Rachel,
    For my Christmas present to myself as well as to the community, I’ve just begun my CFS blog. Post me up, please!

    happy holidays and health,

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