Thumbnails 2008

I’ve updated the Thumbnail page to show some of my favourites and highlights across the life of this blog.

I’ve also created a new page of thumbnails for 2008 work which I will update periodically.

These pages are a quick way to find a particular piece or to browse through my work more easily.

In the 2006-2007 page you’ll see photographs as well as drawings, paintings and sculpture.  But in the highlights and the 2008 page I’m leaving the photographs out as you can see those in my Flickr pages.

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2 comments on “Thumbnails 2008
  1. seahorse says:

    I’m quite new to your site, and your work, so this post was a great idea. I really like your artwork and know a lot of other people out there do too. You may know I’m trying to get a book of BADD posts together. As a slight tangent did you consider putting together a collection of your artwork and publishing it at cost price on Have a look and see what it would work out at for x number of copies. I’d definitely buy one. You may just do a small run for family, friends and bloggers. All you need to do is devise the cover art, intro and send them the images. If you need any help, do let me know. I don’t work for lulu incidentally but I think their site is genius.

  2. Well thanks for the encouragement :o)

    I may hold you to that promise of buying a copy ;o)

    I have wondered about doing a book.

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