Huh? (Drawing)


Whilst I was drawing this my husband said it looked like him – it wasn’t in my mind when I started but I added his hair to it.  So this is sort of what Paul looks like without his glasses when he’s a bit confused.  Sort of.

Click on the image to see this large


[IMAGE] Huh? Ink – brush pen (Copic Multiliner). A5.

See this on Flickr.

Really I was trying out one one my new Copic Multiliner pens – this one the brush pen.  Very nice pen indeed!


  1. You certainly captured my best side…I think…maybe I should look at it again, but this time without my glasses on…wow, I look so cool, rugged and handsome!

  2. I think you look rather dissapointed, because you just returned from a long night outside with a flashlight and an empty bag with no hedgehogs…

  3. Your artwork is amazing Rachel! I especially like “Huh”. Well done! All your work is so full of life they look like they’re ready to jump right off the page! Love it xxx Dee

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