My Nib Wears Down (Drawing)

my nib wears down

[IMAGE] My Nib Wears Down. Ink (PITT). A6.

I’ve been using Faber Castell PITT artist pens this last year or more for the majority of my drawings.  Starting a new pen can often kickstart more stylised drawing for me.  But with a fine and superfine pen it’s so easy for me to wear the nib down quickly because of my style of drawing.  My lovely round tipped nib becomes chisel shaped and it impedes the flow of ink.

My pens are busted long before the ink runs out :o(

I’ve just bought some Copic Multiliners to try which you can also replace the nibs on and refill.


  1. I don’t think it’s very kind of you to lead me astray to a site like Artifolk when you must know that, along with my obsession with old cameras, sock monkeys and whippets and Frida Boccara (see blog) I have a heavy stationery habit ;0))

    I already have enough pens and paper and paint to stock my own website and now I shall have to buy more. I am the Imelda Marcos of stationery since becoming bewitched by the pads and crayons in Woolies every Saturday morning as a child. Maybe CBT or GET would help. What do you think ?

    p.s. I love the long-necked drawing

  2. I have met quite a few ladies with stationery weakness. I am one also.

    In times of great stress in my old job there was nothing quite so soothing as turning the pages of the stationery catalogue.

    I went through a writing paper phase which was tricky because I loved it all so much it was difficult to actually USE it.

    I sigh everytime I get one of those crappy free pens from the Red Cross or junk mail as I hate to throw a usable pen away but I never want to use them as the sticky ink flow makes me shudder.

    Ssssh – my husband might overhear the extent of my stationery problem …

  3. Also a fan of the Pitt pens. I find that their nibs seem to last longer so long as I stick to smooth plate finish papers rather than the rougher surfaces meant for graphite. Recently I’ve tried the Prismacolor Archival Fine Line Markers, and my first impression is that their nibs felt pretty sturdy and flow smoothly on the paper surface.

  4. Thanks for the Prismacolor Acrhival Fine Line Marker recommendation. They look good pens. I can’t find a supplier online for the UK though. Maybe they will make it over here at some point. I’ll keep my eyes open for them.

    I have tried Copic Multiliners recently as they have replaceable tips and you can buy refill cartridges (so cutting down on some of the waste). But the tips didn’t last very long and seemed more delicate than with PITT pens.

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