Juggling Many Things (Drawing)

juggling many things

[IMAGE] Juggling Many Things. Ink and watercolour.

I was struggling with lots of things on my mind and things I want, or need, to do.  It doesn’t take much (and they don’t have to be major things) when you have brain fog with ME/CFS.

Talking things over with hubbie and making lists has saved the day again.

Besides – look how pretty all those things look.


  1. Rachel,

    I just nominated you for a Flower Sniffer award. There wasn’t one for glue sniffer, so you’ll have to take the one I offer, instead 😉 Details on my blog.

  2. As you can tell from my blogs, I’m juggling many things myself right now. I just wanted to tell you that I’ve been thinking of this image when I get stressed out about “to do’s” and have been trying to remember the colour and simplicity. See how pretty! I’m trying…

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