Holga Film Swap with Ashy #1

Last year my friend Ashy introduced me to the Holga.  So my Holga passion is all her fault ;o)

Last month she sent me a surprise in the post.  A film she had already taken pictures on with her Holga ready for me to take a second set of exposures and see what happened!  Very exciting.  Double exposure fun.

The results are mixed but pleasing.  Even where the double exposures haven’t taken there’s some striking results.  Ashy takes a great photo!

Stained Street

City Mop

Transculent Junk

Washing in the Sky

Skyward Bound Brilliance

Reverse Coffee Turn Left Deep Water

Ghost Town Shapes Faded Dome Sense of Purpose

 See these 12 photos in my Flickr set

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4 comments on “Holga Film Swap with Ashy #1
  1. Nina says:

    What fun!! Could you plan what you were taking as the double? I would imagine not. These are great………makes one wonder abt skill vs. luck:-)

  2. Nope! No planning. You can kind of try and plan good things for double exposures – but especially when you’re film swapping you can’t know how it will turn out.

    Good fun yes :o)

  3. Mikki says:

    What a brilliant idea! And a fantastic collaboration… and I have to say Rachel that you take a pretty mean photo yourself

  4. tomdurkin1 says:

    woah, thats a really interesting idea. i would love to try that out with someone!

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