Abstract in the Detail (Photography)

I am liking the idea that in looking at the detail, out of context, you create a kind of abstraction.  More work needed.  Steadier hands and macro also needed.

20080511 chrome

See this photo large

[PHOTO] Chrome – Nikon D40.

20080511 chair arm 

See this photo large

[PHOTO] Chair Arm – Nikon D40.

20080603 door handle

See this photo large

[PHOTO] Door Handle – Nikon D40

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4 comments on “Abstract in the Detail (Photography)
  1. Tanya says:

    Love the close-ups. It’s amazing how many fabulous little details are missed until you make yourself look that little bit closer.

  2. Sorry if I am misinterpreting this but these pictures tell me that you are having fun, enjoying yourself. Is that the wrong detail. Not complete unrestraint yet, I will still hope for a series which emotionally equivilant to a little girl unwrapping a present going “Show me! Show me! Show me!”

  3. Yes having fun Elizabeth. Also looking for new ways to photograph (and to see) the small world which I inhabit most of the time. I can’t pop out and take big vistas or urban scenes – so I’m trying to find new ways to look at the everyday around me.

    That’s the idea anyway. And that when you take things out of context there’s a sort of abstract about them. they take on a different life when isolated – but that isolation also makes them something concetrated and special. Kind of a metaphor for us mainly housebound types I suppose ;o)

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