Chronic Artists – New Blog and Blog Ring

It’s always great to make new connections with other artists and creative types who balance their artistic practice with chronic illness or pain.

So I decided to try and set up a blog ring to see if I/we can grow a network of artists.

The Chronic Artists blog ring is now up and accepting new members.

If you are an artist, photographer, writer, sculptor, poet, musician or artisan with a chronic health condition or chronic pain please consider joining.  Sign up is a simple and you just need to add a simple text link to your blog.

I’ve also created a new Chronic Artists blog.  Here I hope to feature some of the artists from the blog ring (once we have some members to feature of course!) and to nuture our network.

This isn’t an attempt to put myself at the centre of things but rather something I’ve been looking for and not found in over a year.

On the blog I’d like to look at some of the challenges facing chronic artists, as well as some of the ways in which it influences our work.  My hope is to invite guest bloggers to talk about their work and maybe look at specific themes.  Certainly to provide some exposure for artists who so often have limited resources.




  1. Have registered. I do think of you as an artist. Not sure if our posts crossed but if you look at my latest (today’s) you’ll see that I have addressed your points and also suggested some ideas for you

  2. hey rachel, thanks, i got your comment re. this & published it, but i can’t see it on my blog – where did you post it exactly?! please remind me! thanks, nasim

  3. Now worries, found it – it’s annoying with Blogger, unless you note the post the comment is for, which I am often too scatty to do, you have no idea where it goes!

  4. Hey Rachel, I meant No worries, not Now… Thanks so much for asking me to joining your new blog. I have thought about it and am not sure it’s really for me. I tend not to want to give this illness any more space than it already has. I have already spoken a bit on my blog about the writing process and how it was framed by my ME, and also I have explored these kind of issues in depth in my novel. I tend not to talk about ME too much, maybe because it is so normal for me now – I don’t really have a before and after ‘self’. I got ill almost 25 yrs ago, I was not yet nineteen, and I guess I started readjusting then, and although I do of course struggle (often!), it is not a conscious thing any more, it’s just the way it is. I hope others find your blog supportive, it’s a great idea, and I hope you understand my reasons for not actively taking part… warm wishes, Nasim

  5. Ummm. Well I think as long as you have some kind of public online prescence you give a link for and (ideally) provide a link back to the blog ring then that’s fine by me.

    The idea is to network rather than it being essentially blogging I think.

    So for instance a link to your Flickr profile (where you can also display a link to the ring) would be ok.

  6. Hi, I’m not sure if I qualify as I’m in a bit of a desert inspiration wise at present. I started my blog with the intention of featuring lots of photography, but as I predicted there have been good and bad days. And more bad than good of late.

    But reading your recent posts gets me enthused about creating stuff again. And I’d like to join even if I can’t contribute much at the moment.

  7. Thanks 🙂 Really, reading your recent stuff on all your cameras has been a delight. I’m coming out of a long fog, and feel like taking photos again. This is good news. I just hope for everyone’s sake I don’t get the same urge with poetry…

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