This Is My Holga

Finally I have photos of all my cameras (to date) to show to you.

This is my Holga.  It’s a Holga FN which means it has an inbuilt flash.

Holga FN

The gaffer tape around each side (and there’s a small piece on the bottom) is a safety measure.  The metal clips that hold the back on the camera are really easy to knock and so there’s always a risk of the back falling off the camera and runing your film.

That’s part of what enthusiasts love about the Holga though – it’s imperfections!

Holga FN

If you want to know more about the Holga I recommend for getting started and practical tips, plus Michelle Bates book “Plastic Cameras: Toying with Creativity” (ISBN 0240808401) for advice on technique and thinking creatively with your Holga.

You can see my collection of photographs taken with this camera in my Holga set on Flickr

Kingsbury October 2007 12090011 holkham bay sweep pauls new dawes bike we will remember them green peeps through the bracken 12080011 one window holga

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2 comments on “This Is My Holga
  1. yesbuts says:

    What an interesting camera.
    It looks like one of those objects you either hate or truly love.
    I love the tape to hold it together.
    When you take a good photograph with this camera you can honestly say “all my own work” – not the result of some pre-programmed P&S.

  2. Yes I imagine it’s the kind of camera that divides opinion (and leaves some with totally indifferent too!).

    It’s lens is also plastic which gives more imperfections and quirks.

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