This Is My Six-20 Brownie Model C

This is my Six-20 Brownie Model C which I got off ebay.  Look at his sweet little face.

Six-20 Brownie Model C

It’s a pretty simple camera with landscape and potrait waist level viewfinders.  There’s a small switch to alternate between instant and long exposures.

Six-20 Brownie Model C - close up

My first roll from my Six-20 Brownie Model C didn’t give crisp clear pictures but there’s something I kind of like about them anyway.  I used colour print film Fuji Superia 400asa which I think is too much for the camera.  I’ll try a 100asa next time.

None of the shots turned out well (although I kind of like the washed out effect).

Just about the only shot which is kind of in focus is the one where it was resting on the ground.  So I’m thinking it has a slow shutter and prone to blur from shaking.

Now I’m wondering – did I have it set on instant with this first film?  Hmmm. 

Also the film framing got out of sync it seems towards the end and start of the film – although I was careful to line the numbers in the film window to the middle each time. I don’t quite know what happened there.  The film was 120 respooled onto an old 620 metal spool and an old spool used for take up too.  Ah well.

Here are the results of the first film – unedited and in all their quirky washed out glory.  (You may need to click to read more to see the photos).

shadows on grass with toes

lazing with my crocs

crocs in the garden

crocs again

garden from low down

skyward rotary line

scarf drying in the breeze

 lined grassed sloped

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