This Is My Splitcam

Splitcam Camera

The very cheap, very plastic Split-Cam Camera.  Made by Accoutrements – specialists it seems in plastic novelty kitsch.  They also make the Quad Cam (4 images on each 35mm frame like the lomography Action Sampler) and the Pop Cam (like the Quad but each image on the frame a different colour – I want them too!).

Takes normal 35mm film.

Splitcam Camera - Inside

Dual slides each to cover one half of the lens (top and bottom). 

The effect is replicated with masks for the viewfinder and a red cross to help you line up shots for effects and trick phtography.

Multiple exposures are possible on the same frame by firing the small button on the back of the camera.

Splitcam Camera - Back Detail

Weird and wonderful effects can be created by masking one half of the frame pressing the (red) shutter button.  Firing the small release button on the back of the camera.  Masking the alternative half of the frame and taking another picture.

Film is rewound by hand using the very flimsy plastic crank.

I’d advise taping the back shut with a piece of gaffer tape as I dropped mine and the back fell open very easily!  (Although the light leaks made for some great photos!).

Splitcam Camera - Front Splitcam Camera - Back

This camera is so cheap and awful that the red cross in the viewfinder is stuck on wonky and the sliding masks are not level and tend to slip out of poisition easily. 

I love it!

You can see the results of my first film in the Splitcam from February 2008 in this blog post.

Photos from the second film follow shortly on this blog :o)

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