Gnome – TTV (Photography)

A Through the Viewfinder (TTV) gnome triptych …

20080701_TTV gnome triptych

See this photo large or super large

… and a single frame of gnome TTV …

20080701_TTV gnome

… taken through Duaflex II with Nikon D40.


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2 comments on “Gnome – TTV (Photography)
  1. Mikki says:

    I love your triptych…. but….er…. what’s that gnome holding????? He seems very pleased about it, whatever it is.

  2. I believe he has a big saw under one arm and some mystery object under a hankie in the other hand. I was saying on Flickr how I am thinking of giving him a makeover as he’s a bit faded. Possibly an emo gnome.

    Also for the record – this gnome was a “gift” from our neighbours.

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