Flyman Close Up (Photography)

This has to be one of my favourite photographs of Flyman.  He looks like an actual handsome cat rather than the pudding of a furry lump like he so often poses as!


See this photo large for fine nose detail.

I used a close-up filter (+4) on my Nikon D40 for these photos and it adds so much to the depth of field.


  1. There’s a certain Errol Flynn look about him there… you’d never know he spends most of the day sleeping and shedding hair (extrapolating from A Day In The Life Of Miscou)

  2. Errol Flynn!?!

    I’ve just had to turn the sound up on the TV watching the tennis because this rakish, suave, sophisticated scruffball of a cat is snoring so loudly.

    Liking the flamboyant whiskers though 😉

  3. ROFL…
    Mr Creative, your wife has taken good looking photos of yours, too. Some are nice, some are cool, and some look very intelligent and masculine like your avatar.
    If Flyman could leave a comment here, what would he be telling us about you?
    I also used my imagination and doodled whiscas on your avatar…, and it is not really impressive, either… 😀

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