My Cameras Running Wild

My camera collection roaming wild.

Except since taking this photo I’ve acquired 3 more cameras. Yes, I have a problem ;o)

My Cameras Running Wild - June 2008

See this photo large

From left to right:

  • Split-Cam
  • Holga FN
  • Kodak Twin 20
  • Brownie Hawkeye Flash
  • Ensign Ful Vue ii
  • Kodak Duaflex II
  • Brownie Six-20 Model E (used to be my dads)
  • Brownie Six-20 Model C
  • Box Brownie No 2

Taken with Nikon D40.

Also not in the photo I have

  • Nikon D40
  • Canon Ixus i Zoom (digital compact)
  • Halina Prestige 280s (compact 35mm)
  • Vivitar Ultra Slim and Wide *just bought*
  • Fuji Instax 200 *just bought*
  • Sports 35 Action Tracker *just bought*
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9 comments on “My Cameras Running Wild
  1. Daniel says:

    Great cameras. Who processes the roll film these days. I finally gave up because of this issue and went digital for snapping here and there.

  2. yesbuts says:

    My wife has a problem with bags. Walking past a shop selling bags, is like walking past a very big magnet – an irresistible force draws her into the shop.

    But buying cameras – that’s a logical thing to do. 🙂

  3. Nina says:

    It makes me smile — looks like a camera “train”!! Now, you can never move:-)

  4. Daniel – it’s certainly not a cheap option using film especially 120 (or 120 respooled for 620 cameras). I’m in the UK and I buy film from 7dayshop (legit VAT & import free) and get developing done mail order by Spectrum Imaging.

    For 120 it’s on average £2 for the film and £6.50 mail order for developing and scanning (add another £1 to £2 for prints too). I hear if you develop at home (black and white being relatively simple) it can work out quite cheap. But to use online you’ll also need your own negative scanner (anywhere from £100 upwards).

    So not cheap. But very rewarding.

    Yesbuts – Well I agree!

    Nina – It does look like a camera train doesn’t it. I may be up to 15 cameras but most are still containable within one box. Honest. Not counting filters and tripod and films and negatives of course …

  5. Holy crack addiction batgirl! I assumed from your photos that you were doing your own developing. But I am really glad that you have this hobby which is so clearly your passion and that you are able to share it with the world through this blog and flicker. I myself want a brownie or one of the ones which uses REALLY big negatives so that I can make the beautiful black and white pictures with the detail that you got in 1910 and such (like Ansel Adams). Also they are very expensive. But 15 camera’s? Well at least you use them unlike when I collected old typewriters and would write on my underwood number 5 (but not many of the others).

    Thanks for showing us/me this. In one word: wow!

  6. cusp says:

    Well it’s nice to know I’m not the only one. I’m too ashamed to take a picture of all mine: everyone would see I’m a ‘Camera Imelda’. I’ve told you that even my 10 year old daughter says ‘Not another camera !’ when we go to Boot Sales and my guilty secret slips out of a bag.

    I’ve had a Fuji Instax since they first came out. I love mine and the proportions of the image and the colours — big fan of Fuji film anyway. It was a great hit when I used to do photograhy with older people — easier to hold than many Polaroids.

    I believe there was a rumour that Polaroid were ‘in talks’ about Fuji taking on the manufacture of Polaroid films after they stop in a year of two —what on earth will all we Plaroid lovers do then ? ;-(((

  7. Mikki says:

    Now I know what to get you for Xmas… a camera display case….

  8. Beth – You mean one of those that you throw a cape over yourself? You can pick up a box brownie like in the front of this photo for a not much at all. The negatives are not like those huge plates but are like 8 times bigger than 35mm. Slow shutter though so you need a stead hand. Ha! Fatal flaw for me ;o)

    Cusp – I do wonder where it will end! I’ve kind of decided I only want cameras I can actually use and that I have to actually USE them. But there are some that are impractical that are like “ooooh”. I never knew I liked cameras and photography so much. Who woulda guessed?

    The Instax (certainly the 200) are blumin’ enormous! Real chunky cameras. Not exactly discreet. But yes – good grip :o)
    I am still waiting for my instant film to be delivered before I get the joy of my first ever ever instant photo. So excited!

    The rumours are rumours – Fuji are denying it but there’s a theory they are holding their cards close to their chest. Some talk about Ilford expressing an interest in black and white polaroid film but nothing confirmed. Apparently. It would be a shame if no-one takes over the licence or if Polaroid big wigs ask too much – just the sheer amount of redundant cameras is a heart breaking idea!

    Mikki – Well there’s a lot of camera buying days between now and Christmas … better make it a BIG one! It may be cheaper to buy me a second hand camera off ebay for a few quid though. And I would be just as delighted ;o) I do have a wish list that my dad and Simon have for charity shop trawls. Just saying like ;o)

  9. tomdurkin1 says:

    i really want one of those brownie box cameras

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