Multi Exposures from an Ordinary Camera (Photography)

I used my ordinary old 35mm camera (point and shoot with free focus) and ran the film through it twice to get double exposures.  Except it loaded differently the second time so I also get overlapping frames.

These are the highights from that roll.

Taken with Halina Prestige 280s – my old compact free focus 35mm from around year 2000.

 Lounge window + view from stairs window:

90 degree roofline

Wall + mop and bucket:

brick wall with mop

Fence with my shadow + parque flooring within my shadow:

shadow toe

Car + glass + front of house:

car glass house

Stained glass in front room window + patio table and chairs:

stained glass chair

Window + roses on hearth + duvet:

window over roses

Brick BBQ with planter + door frame with orange filter and flash:


Painted shrub:

painted shrub

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2 comments on “Multi Exposures from an Ordinary Camera (Photography)
  1. Nina says:

    What a cool idea! Altho, it’s been so long since I used my SLR, I can’t remember if you can control how the film loads. I just love “accidents” as a painter, and it’s nice to see that sense of adventure in film, too:-)

  2. tomdurkin1 says:

    5 is absolutely awesome! Really like these shots 😀

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