This is my Halina Prestige 280s

This is my old 35mm point and shoot compact focus free. It was my main camera around year 2000.

Halina Prestige 280s - 2

It has a “panorama” function which basically masks the top and bottom of the frame – not very high tech. It is battery operated with automatic wind on, a digital display of how many shots, auto flash and auto rewind of film on pressing a rewind button. It has an easy load mechanism.

Halina Prestige 280s - 1

Not a bad camera for snaps but you can’t turn the flash off if the camera think you need it in low light it will fire. and it’s quite noisy winding on and rewind is a prolonged loud whirr!

You can tell it has been not been kept in a case!

The button to the left of the viewfinder (that looks like a pacman) opens the lens cover. That hood around the lens folds flat when pressed down to the camera body.

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2 comments on “This is my Halina Prestige 280s
  1. tomdurkin1 says:

    i found something like this in my attic the other day. I’m tempted to give it a go!

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