Untitled from 1992 (Painting)

An old painting from 1992. Acrylic, pastel and ink on cardboard. 15″ wide x 11.5″ high.

untitled 1992

See this painting large (790kb)

[IMAGE] Untitled 1992 – Acrylic, pastel and ink on cardboard. 15″x11.5″

I tried to finish a painting this week and got really frustrated it didn’t work out.

Really I wanted to be trying to do work like this again. I recently brought this home after it had been stored at my moms for many years.

So my husband said maybe I should blog this old painting as inspiration.

untitled 1992

Here it is on my easel and you can see how raw that cardboard is!

I wasn’t exactly encouraged to do work like this back at school (but I did it anyway). Now I’m not sure I know how to get back to that and develop it.  Hmmm.


  1. I love the art that talks to me. Maybe, the difficulty you are feeling is because your inner-self has grown up since 92. How about starting something similar from a scratch, then you might get in the right mood to finish the 92 art? I look forward to seeing new personality in your art.

  2. I really like this.

    Something I’ve always wondered about abstract art is, how does the artist know what should go in the painting? As I appreciate the aesthetics and the emotion that a piece like this conveys, I marvel at how it’s possible for anyone to look at a blank canvas and create the finished work from nothing. If you ever feel like writing about the process, I’ll be very interested.

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