Cinder Bridge Cover Art

The band Cinder Bridge are using one my drawings for the artwork on a song of theirs. 

It’s a great fit as the song “Everyone Knows About Me” is aimed at raising awareness about ME (CFS, CFIDS) and a lot of my work is infused with life with ME.

Cinderkeys, aka Susan Wenger, had been particularly taken by a drawing of mine from February 2007 called “In a Box“.

I attempted a reworking of the drawing – I wanted something that felt more polished than the original furious doodle.

in a box again
large – “In a Box Again”

But in smoothing out the kinks on the reworking I lost some of the essential essence of the original piece.  It lacked the energy (yes how ironic for an artist with ME – energy!), the rawness and emotion. 

So we agreed the orginal was the way to go.

in a box
large – “In a Box”

Now it’s been typset ready to be used – primarily as artwork for digital download sites.  Susan (who knows about these things) says that it might take up to 6 months for it to be available to download from digital music services – but I’ll be following the Cinder Bridge blog for any news.

As the song is all about ME Awareness and as Blogging for International ME/CFS Awareness 2008 brought us into contact with each other to make this all possible, I’m donating 10% of my fee to ME Research UK


  1. I like the reworking, particularly the exquisite shading on the body, but I also think the sketchy original, with less detail and more kineticism, is more suited to purpose. This is great! I can’t wait to hear the song.

  2. Great drawing. Definitely something I think just about everyone can relate to at some point.

    And congrats on it being selected as a CD cover. It certainly deserves it.

  3. Well isn’t this great. Congratulations ! I listened to the song too on CB’s MySpace and it really is wonderful. Kind of ironic that if it made it into the mainstream a pop song like that could probably do more about informing people about M.E. than all the lobbying in the world. Glad you’re a part of it

  4. I don’t think it’s unusual for an original sketch to have more energy, or convey a mood of the moment better, than a more polished drawing based on it. I remember reading a book by a well-known cartoonist who described the same thing happening to him with one of his drawings.

    I quite like the reworked In-a-Box, and it does have energy … it’s just happy energy rather than “I am frustrated because I want to break through this wall and can’t energy.” 🙂

    We sure hope we can get this out into the mainstream. Like Rachel says, we’ll keep you updated.

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