Fuse Lichfield (Photography)

20080712 legs at fuse

Fuse festival in Beacon Park, Lichfield, Staffordshire on Saturday 12 July 2008.

You get a different perspective photographing from a wheelchair.  I also have to make the most of what is on front of me as I can’t run about to get the shots I might like.  I missed out on pictures of the bunting and flags that I really wanted but that’s ok.

I travelled light (digital point and shoot) and low tech (Holga and Vivitar Ultra Slim & Wide). Not sure the film pictures will come out the weather was so variable!

Me and Paul had a good afternoon though.

20080712 i have been fuse-d

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2 comments on “Fuse Lichfield (Photography)
  1. Nina says:

    oh wow! the view from a wheelchair. I keep hearing about this, but I don’t have the strength to use one, so have never seen it. This is really powerful. If you ever do a book of your art, and it’s related to being ill — I think this should be the cover. IMHO:-)

  2. Donimo says:

    Cool shot. I was just in New York City in a wheelchair. We wheeled throughout Manhatten, and let me tell you, I got a different view of things than my girlfriend did. I’d say, “Did you see that guy’s tight pants???” And she, lucky her, hadn’t noticed the full-on thin white pants many sizes to small. I didn’t actually take many photos because my head was foggy and full of pain from a sinus infection, so I wasn’t feeling too creative. I took some standard building shots and all, but I wishes I had thought to take some wheelchair level ones. I hope to go back next year and will definitely shoot some eye level shots. I get pushed in my chair, so I just need to get my GF to stop when I want to take a shot. My hands are free, she is just very speedy!

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