Book – 366 Days of Me and M.E.

See the full year of photographic self portraits compiled in this book.

366 Days of Me and M.E. shows my daily photographic self portraits through one year of chronic illness from 4 May 2007 – 3 May 2008.  The book is through print on demand service Blurb and I’m really pleased with the quality of the hard cover version I’ve ordered for myself.

I made the book as a hard copy record of this project with an introduction based on my blog post at the conclusion of the project. I’ve also included my 25 favourite photos from the year with some brief background at the end of the book.

You can see all the photos for free on this blog and in my Flickr album but I thought I would let you know it’s available in a hard copy just in case you’re interested. 

The book in my bookstore

Preview – the first 15 pages of this book

I’ve manged to squeeze a year of photographs into 200 pages to try and keep the cost down.  The soft cover version is around $34 or £18 and hard cover starts around $48 or £25 (plus postage). 

If you order before 31 July 2008 you can save $10 using the coupon FLICKR10. You will need to order with the currency in dollars and do this before adding the book to your basket. Delivery to the UK is around £4, takes around a week and comes from within Europe.

Creating this Blurb book has been a really good experience and I’m definately going to create a book with my drawings this year.  I’ll let you know when I have any news on that.


  1. Rachel!!! You did a fantastic job of designing this book……….and kudos to you for taking your art seriously. I am in awe. Have another whole bootle (i mean bottle, hic) of champagne on me!

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