This is My Vivitar Ultra Slim and Wide

This is my Vivitar Ultra Slim and Wide camera.

vivitar ultra slim and wide

It’s a very compact 35mm plastic camera with an unusually wide lens.  The lens (like everthing alse on it) is plastic and can make for interesting lens flare which is all part of the charm.

It takes standard 35mm film. There’s no flash or electronics.  It’s a very simple manual camera, small enough to fit in your pocket (but beware the shutter button is easily pressed).

I am told it’s roughly f11 with shutter speed of 1/125. 

vivitar ultra slim and wide close

The lens is so wide it’s very easy to get fingers and bits of your body in the frame without realising.  The viewfinder shows a wide view but the lens is actually even wider than the viewfinder respresents!

I bought mine off for £4.99 plus postage.  Apparently you can get them for even less.  You can’t really see a sense of scale in the pictures but it’s just a litte larger than a packet of playing cards.

What I already love about this little plastic camera is it’s super convieniant to carry with you.  Very lightweight, easy to use (all you can do is point and click after all!) yet it has wonderful plastic fantastic charm.  It’s not great for low light or indoors photography but in good light it’s a great lo-fi camera.

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6 comments on “This is My Vivitar Ultra Slim and Wide
  1. yesbuts says:

    Yes but, you can buy a very cheap digital P&S which has the advantage of saving money on film. 🙂

  2. Nina says:

    I was kind of wondering about duplication myself. Is this “better” than putting a wide angle lens on your digital SLR? And how available is 35mm film these days? And places to get it processed. Now the flare “accidents” make up for the previous questions:-) I heard a painter say yesterday that a “mistake” begins a whole new painting. Obviously, this is different………but being open to “happenings” is a very important part of being an artist IMHO

    I guess it’s just a different way of going about it. I’m more in the mistakes category — which means I also throw a lot more stuff out, but have a ton of fun!!

  3. Yes you can buy a cheap digital P&S. Or use a mobile phone camera.

    One day I should take a photo of the same subject with my Holga, my Vivi, my compact digital and my SLR. They’ll all offer different looks.

    “Better” is a subjective thing really. Depends what you’re after.

    Film over digital certainly has a thrill and lots of “goodness” for me as an artist when you throw a camera with flaws into the mix.

    35mm is widely available. Certainly on the web. Whilst digital is huge film is making somewhat of a cult and retro comeback. Also lots of places still developing although for some films you need specialist processing (like 120 film, traditional/proper black and white film). And there’s always home processing and buying film in bulk and reloading your own cassettes if you do a lot of film photography and want to save a bit.

    I’m very much in the mistakes category too.

    The Vivitar photos I’ll be posting on the blog are far from perfect. But perfect isn’t everything.

    Here’s the first few I’ve uploaded from the Vivitar Ultra Slim and Wide.

  4. tomdurkin1 says:

    just got one off ebay for £4.99 as well. Its so small!

  5. Surpisingly dinky aren’t they? Keep those fingers behind the camera and click click click :o)

  6. shorn says:

    I have a vivitar point and shoot. not the wide & slim version but it’s still pretty wide (28mm) but best of all it has a flash. a bright one…
    I also have an identical camera by but it is a Hannimex (snapshot 10). exact replica but a differnt name and some different colours of plastic.
    I just got a tint little vivitar. it doesn’t even have a model name but it doesn’t have a flash. the best thing is that all together the 3 cameras cost $5.50 australian dollars.
    Oh, and i have caught my finger in the frame a million times. I don’t learn…

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