This is My No 2 Box Brownie

This is my No 2 Box Brownie Model F.

No 2 Box Brownie - Front

Takes 120 film (on old spools).

I removed the face plate and lightly cleaned the lens and the viewfinders. The viewfinders were so dirty inside it was impossible to see anything through them so I had to try and clean them.

It’s pretty simple to prise the front plate off. There’s a sort of pinch mark half way down each side of the plate and I used a thin flat head screwdriver to just ease it off. After cleaning it popped back on securely by itself.

No 2 Box Brownie - Top View

This model has “stop openings”. The central slide above the lens has 3 openings. According to the manual the largest (when it is all the way down) is for snapshots and ordinary pictures.

No 2 Box Brownie - Front with Filter

The middle stop is for bright light conditions and the smallest stop (slide all the way out) is for timed exposures on cloudy days. See the manual here.

I should have read the manual before I took my first film!

No 2 Box Brownie - Rear View  No 2 Box Brownie - Side View

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3 comments on “This is My No 2 Box Brownie
  1. laura says:

    hey… i just bought the exact model from the carboot and its a little worse for wear but all the features seem t be intact and working. i was just writing to ask if you could expand on the film? and how its loaded? its hard to find much about it on the internet

  2. The film it takes is 120 film. This is available from photography stores or online.

    Look on ebay or if you’re in the UK have very good deals. In the US try

    The 120 film you buy will be on plastic spools which will be too chunky to fit into the Brownie. So you need to respool the film onto an old metal spool. There should be one with the camera. BUT you will need 2 metal spools – one for the film to be fed off and one to take up the exposed film.

    You may find spare spools in junk shops, or sometimes for sale on ebay (but often overpriced). You can do what I did and buy another camera that also has a 120 spool in so you now have a pair – but it means you can only use one of the cameras at a time.

    Instructions for respooling can be found here:

    The 2nd link shows an alternative to respooling which is to trim the plastic spools.

    If you respool and you haven’t got a lightproof bag to do it in you could use a bathroom or toilet without any natural light with the lights turned off.

    As for loading the film there’s instructions and diagrams in the manual

    You pull the film winding knob out away from the body of the camera, unclip the back door and slide out the film carrier. I put the end of the film through the slot in the empty spool and wind it round once before putting that spool on the take up end of the film carrier (the end that goes next to the film winder). Then you draw the film up and across the wide end of the film carrier and place the spool in the other end. You may need to wind the spool back a little so the film isn’t slack over the carrier. Then you slide the carrier back into the camera (with the end with the film over nearest to you) and push the film winding knob back in. If it won’t go check you’ve put the film carrier back in the right way around. Close up the back and wind the film on until you see a number 1 in the red window in the back of the camera. You’re ready to go!

    Don’t forget when you’ve finished the film to respool your film back onto the modern plastic spool to send it to the processor. You can send it on the metal one and ask for it back but sometimes they forget – so I prefer to keep hold of my precious metal spools!

  3. BlackLen says:

    I received a brownie as a gift the other day. Loaded the film and everything seemed fine but when I got to the 8th exposure and wound it on, it jumped to 13 and from there it pretty much ended. Is the numbering on a modern 120 spool generally accurate for an old brownie? How many exposures would you normally get?

    Your 4am project has got me pretty excited about what I could achieve… Think my first roll might be a right off though.

    I’ve also been using 400iso film but timing my exposures as per the manual on your link which, thinking about it, would probably be for 100iso film?

    Thanks in advance for any feedback

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