Sorting Out

I’ve made a long “shortlist” of drawings that I could include in my drawings book.  I’ve made a start re-scanning the drawings in high resolution especially for the book.

I’ve also figured out how to get the images almost (almost) actual size on the page of the book so you kind of have your own copy of my sketchbook pages.

I’m thinking an affordable book is better than a comprehensive book which could be over £30/$60. So as each drawing takes a page all to itself I need to be quite selective about what to include.

I also need to decide how to present them – chronologically/grouped/themed, with descriptions and background from me or not, including some comments from the blog or not.  More text means less pictures, but drawings alone isn’t really enough.

Alternatively I could do a slimline affordable book with just a core selection of drawings and minimal text, and then a deluxe version with much more including new drawings and background text, comments and so on.

What would you like to see in the book?

In other news I’m also considering offering some of the drawings for sale. I have to figure out some practical aspects of that and get used to the idea of parting with some of them.

I’m anticipating many more weeks to get the work done but it will all get sorted :o)

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3 comments on “Sorting Out
  1. alvason says:

    Are you going to use on of the online book-makers? I ask because I want to have something to hold (i.e. a book) of the many many photos I have taken, I have settled on MyPublisher as being the most convenient to use and with lots of options. Website – you might find it interesting.

    I have started my book using their software. I decided no text, as I have found what I write sounds banal after some time and I want the pictures to speak for themselves. Also I couldn’t really control the size, font, placing of the text so that is BAD! I am presenting mine just chronologically – beaches mixed with street photography mixed with lakes mixed with macro … I think it will be interesting and fun that way.

    You can sell artworks from some sites such as RedBubble, but I have a feeling there are better ones …

    There is a lot to decide and I don’t feel I have helped much! Let us know what you decide.


  2. I’ve just done a photo book through after reading good user reviews of them specifically for the quality of their photo books.

    I haven’t heard of that one. I will take a look and see. Blurb has software too and I found the control over text and images is pretty good. Limited to templated layouts but you have a good choice of layout templates and can choose for each page.

    I was put off from lulu by some poor reviews about image print quality and the prospect of having to tackle a medium resolution, image heavy, 100 page plus design project in Word. Shudder!

  3. adam says:

    Yes, I thought Blurb was quite good … don’t even think of a big Word document with images with Word – that was why when I had money I got Adobe InDesign a few years ago. But the Web offers some good services these days.

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