Marshmallow on Skewer (Drawing)

Art. Plump toasted marshmallow on the end of a skewer.
Mmmm … toasted marshmallows after BBQ on Saturday. Gorgeous gooey sticky sweet totally unhealthy loveliness!

Drawn in ink with watercolour. A5 (approx 4″ x 6″).

Why do I always want to call them marshmellows? Is it my accent?

UPDATE: Thanks to Tim for plugging my blog and being rather nice about my marshmallow along with a few others that caught his eye :o)


  1. We Yanks call the marshmellows:-) Do you put 2 pieces of chocolate on either side and then graham crackers to make “s’mores”?

  2. Blimey Nina! Snack overload!

    We don’t have Graham Crackers in the UK. The closest thing is a digestive biscuit. And you know toasted marshmallows, chocolate and digestive biscuits sounds heavenly!

  3. I seem to recall them being a bit more on fire than that….
    Nice though. There’s still lots left! Hope you have a great holiday
    M xx

  4. I hope you had better weather oop North than we’ve been having round here… good job we barbecued when we did – don’t fancy our chances of fitting one in now!

    M x

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