A Gazillion Photographs

Well, maybe not a gazillion but I did take a lot of photos on my ten day holiday with my digital SLR, Holga and Vivitar Ultra Slim and Wide.

self brooklands hotel

I’ve started uploading the digital photos to Flickr but I’ll aim to blog my best and my favourites.  Films have gone off for processing.

I didn’t really do much drawing but I did get inspiration including wonderful sculptures by Sophie Ryder, Anthony Gormley’s Angel of the North and a visit to Saltaire and David Hockney’s work.  I hope to build on the buzz if I can just get my body and brain to co-operate.

yorkshire sculpture - minotaur and lady hare - park sophie ryder

It was a really great break and such a beautiful and quiet part of the country up in County Durham and the North East.  But I promise not to show you all of my holiday snaps ;o)

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2 comments on “A Gazillion Photographs
  1. Nina says:

    Oh, please do share the things that those of us in other countries cannot get to see!!

  2. Well I’ll be uploading quite a lot to Flickr but not blogging every one of them here on this blog. So there will be quite a lot of North East England to see.

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