Castle Gates Fisheye (Photography)

Lovely bulging fisheye capture gates of the castle at Barnard Castle, County Durham.

My husband went off to take a phone call outside the gates whilst my wheelchair was stuck in a rut by the gates.

Click click click!

castle gates fisheye

[PHOTO] Castle Gates Fisheye – Nikon D40 with wide angle lens

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5 comments on “Castle Gates Fisheye (Photography)
  1. Nina says:

    that seems quite well-suited to a fish-eye lens. I wonder what would serve better as a focal point than the red jacket………hmmmmmmm……….

  2. Paul Groves says:

    I didn’t abandon you in a rut.
    I knew you wanted to take a photo from that precise spot and that you needed to be anchored so the camera would be as still as possible.

  3. Well you did try to keep walking and pushing me one handed (whilst on the phone) but in the gutter I went. I know my place …

  4. Petal says:

    My son lives in Newcastle, but I’ve yet to make it up there to see him. Your photos are lovely. Is the Angel impressive? Would it be ok if I add you to my blogroll?

  5. It is impressive yes. I was really taken with it.

    I hope you do manage to get up there.

    Yes of course you can add me! No need to ask :o)

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