Castle Window (Photography)

A window at the castle in Barnard Castle, County Durham in North East England.

barnard castle

[PHOTO] Castle Window – Nikon D40

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8 comments on “Castle Window (Photography)
  1. egonune says:

    i like it

  2. Nina says:

    oooooooh, ahhhhhhhhhhh. ya sure don’t find any of these in the states:-)

  3. Tim says:

    This is interesting to me, because I nearly played in a concert in Barnard Castle earlier this year. I’ve been wondering what it’s like ever since! Curious to see the interior too. (And hear the acoustics but I don’t suppose you did any sound recording as well!)

  4. Ah Nina I bet you could build one ;o)

    Tim I have more photos of the “inside” (well it is a ruin) which I’ll be putting on my Flickr stream in the next day but probably won’t make it to the blog.

  5. Oh and Tim it’s pretty open but kind of sheltered so I’m not sure the acoustics would much to write home about (but better than a field maybe!).

  6. Tim says:

    I must ask them where they played and what it was like…

    I’ve played in the courtyard at Lyme Hall (Lyme Park) and that was interesting: outdoors but walls on (nearly) 4 sides which made the sound surprisingly like being indoors. (But the music blowing away was NOT like being indoors!)

  7. Christ says:

    Yea you’re back! I like this photo very much. Interesting to compare with Angel of the North shots since it looks a lot like a figure made of sky, kind of similar abstracted human form. I used to live in the NE, Whitby, and I remember seeing a lot of craggy old castles during my time there. It’s a beautiful part of the world. Can’t wait to see more of your new pictures.

  8. Hello CA! I am itching to share them :o)

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