Streaked Wing Mirror (Photograph)

streaked wing mirror

[PHOTO] Streaked Wing Mirror – Nikon D40

On the cliffs at Seaham, County Durham, preparing to go a walk by the seaside whatever the weather! The rain eased but didn’t stop so we went for a walk anyway.

map reading at seaham

[PHOTO] Map Reading at Seaham – Nikon D40

Here I set my digital SLR to my Holga settings to (optimistically) see what sort of exposure results I could expect from it on this grey drizzly day. That is one expensive light meter! I decided I was going to need to “feel the force” and use the bulb setting on the Holga. I wasn’t going to take my digital SLR down to the beachfront in that weather so somehow I had to try and get results from the Holga. It’s a somewhere between a learning curve and lucky guesses without a light meter. Holga photos to follow at a later date.

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2 comments on “Streaked Wing Mirror (Photograph)
  1. Mikki says:

    That wing mirror picture is the very epitome of British summers. I hope there is also one of you on a desolate windswept beach with a tweedy blanket, desperately eating a sandwich and sipping Bovril from a thermos.

  2. :o) I feel like we came close to that you know.

    I had to keep picking out little flies who kept throwing themselves into my 99 ice cream when we went to Saltburn (near the end of the holiday photos to follow at some point – but alas not of the flies).

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