YSP with a Vivitar Ultra Slim and Wide (Photography)

On our visit to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park it was a little too dark for great results from the Vivitar Ultra Slim and Wide with Fuji Superia 400asa film.

But some interesting images and I’m amazed (again) at just how wide that little plastic lens is!  Even wider than the viewfinder says. Here’s just some of the art we saw that was captured on the Vivi.

Skyspace by James Turrell 
12940028 skyspace james turrell ysp

Well worth a visit if you are able. I’ve seen far better photos of this but what you really need to do is to sit for a while yourself, see the sky and feel the atmosphere. Mesmorising.

 In the forgeground is Large Horse by William Turnball
large horse by william turnbull

Invasion by Michael Zwingmann
invasion by michael zwingmann YSP

Kiss by Nigel Hall
kiss by nigel hall ysp

I was really taken with this piece. As you move around it the space between the two figures seems to change. They are almost leaning in together, almost dancing like when lovers kiss. Strangely romantic (for two red shapes!).

What I also got a thrill from was I guessed the name of this one before Paul found the information plaque so I think something about Nigel Hall’s work must speak to me :o)

Crossing (Horizontal) by Nigel Hall
crossing (horizontal) by nigel hall ysp

Don’t know what freaky thing happened on this frame but I kind of like the swooshing effect.  You can still see some of Nigel Hall’s massive sculpture. Paul was really taken with this one.  I found the curve really beautiful and it’s at an angle that suggests … something (not sure what!). 

By the way …

This is part of the “Disabled Access Path” at Yorkshire Sculpture Park and is typical of the top section of the path in the Henry Moore Park/Country Park.  Not the most accessible path I’ve ever been on I can tell you.

access path  yorkshire sculpture park


It was ok in an offroad mobity scooter (loaned from the YSP for the day) but still not brilliant.  I wouldn’t have wanted to tackle it if my back was flaring up (which incidentally it did after the visit) and in a manual chair we wouldn’t have had the energy to make it even with Paul pushing all the way. Even in the scooter this terrain was pretty exhausting.

The other half of this trail is grass – which does have a hard plastic honycomb framework underneath to support and drain the “path” but it is still grass.  The park is really very much an off road experience.  There’s very few paths near the sculpture, the pieces are a long way apart spread throughout the huge grounds and most of the access is on grass. Oh and the “Access Sculpture Trail” (a sort of garden with sculptures for the disabled) was poorly maintained (lots of plants hanging into the path), on a slope and difficult to access (ironically) from the rest of the park.  It was very disappointing and not worth the effort to be honest.

Anyway only facing the bone shaking disabled access path in the main park allowed us to see …

Summer Fields by Helen Escobedo
summer fields by helen escobedo ysp

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One comment on “YSP with a Vivitar Ultra Slim and Wide (Photography)
  1. Nina says:

    thank you soooo much for sharing these w us. I love the wide angle shots — they don’t detract from the sculptures at all, but at the same time, it’s not only about the sculptures. I think that would please the sculptors. Your photography keeps getting more and more stunning and you give us the gift of seeing things out of our reach.

    Accessibliity!! I won’t even get started ………..:-(

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