YSP with a Holga – Part 1 (Photography)

I took a couple of rolls of film in my Holga on that trip to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park (August 2008) – a colour and a black and white.  Here’s part one of the best photos and I’m quite pleased with them.

These are all taken on Ilford XP2 with my Holga FN.

Family of Man by Barbara Hepworthfamily of man by barbara hepworth ysp

family of man by barbara hepworth ysp

Molecule Man 1 + 1 + 1 by Jonathan Borofskymolecule man 1 + 1 + 1 by jonathan borofsky ysp

This sculpture by Jonathan Borofsky is 32 feet tall.

Nijinski Hare On Anvil Point by Barry Flanagannijinski hare on anvil point by barry flanagan ysp

Not sure you get a sense of the scale of this next one. The fence posts around it were around waist height. It’s over 20 feet high. Very cool.

Having done a search for Barry Flanagan I’ve discovered I really like his work. Now I just have to try and remember his name to look out for in the future!

Paul laughed at me taking this next photo of the telegraph wires when I was supposed to be looking at sculptures.

wires ysp

And here’s that Disabled Access Path again this time on the Holga with lovely XP2 film. Even if it’s a bone shaking “path” it sure makes a cracking photo.

disabled access path yorkshire sculpture park

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One comment on “YSP with a Holga – Part 1 (Photography)
  1. Nina says:

    Kewl!! I’ve never even seen a pic of the “NIjinsky Hare on a Point” — it’s funny, but awesome.

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