Gold Medal (Drawing)

gold medal

[IMAGE] Gold Medal – Drawing in ink and watercolour. A6 (approx 4″ x 6″).

I’ve enjoyed watching the Bejiing Olympics and a huge variety of events. It’s been such a bonus that Great Britain and Team GB have had such success in many events.

It’s a shame that the Chinese Authorities, who are obviously so capable of such great things, are still abusing human rights. This story caught my eye (brought to my attention by these guys) of two Chinese ladies in their 70’s who were sentenced this week to one year in a labour camp to “re-educate” them after they applied to protest in one of the official protest parks set up by China especially for the Olympics. In fact no-one has been successful in applying to protest in these official parks.

You can read a lot more about China and their human rights record, and take action at Amnesty International.

I feel so lucky that the Olympics coverage here in Britain is via the public broadcaster BBC so there’s no hint of sponsorship or the commercial circus surrounding the games (aside from the mascots and logos on sports kit). Politics and the corporate machine have been kept pretty seperate from the sport and I totally support the athletes and the spirit of the Olympics.

China has certainly put on a spectacular Olympics Games but I can’t help wondering what the cost is to the ordinary Chinese people and what happens once the world attention has drifted away from Bejiing.

OK politics over. Normal art blogging service will be resumed shortly.

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3 comments on “Gold Medal (Drawing)
  1. Ink Kungfu says:

    I don’t remember the word gold written on it.

  2. Paul Groves says:

    They’re actually made of chocolate if you peel back the gold foil.

  3. Mikki says:

    When I saw them on the telly I couldn’t help but think “Jim’ll Fix It”

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