Introducing Owen (Photography)

At the bottom of the garden of our rental cottage was a field which was home to a horse called Owen.

The owner of the cottage told us Owen was rather partial to carrots and she was right. He was also partial to wiping his nose on my hoodie while I tried to take photographs of him. But by the end of our week and after enough carrots he was quite enjoying posing. I’ll show you the photos from the final day at a later stage.

Here’s some photos from our first meeting. First on digital SLR (Nikon D40) and then on plastic lensed camera with Kodak 400VC film.


Owen’s nose … no surprise that his nose held some fascination for me.

owen's nose

Here’s Owen looking (ummm .. leaning against) the fence at the bottom of the garden of the cottage.

He is trying to persuade me to come back with more carrots I think.

owen at the bottom of the garden

Here’s Owen taken on my Vivitar Ultra Slim and Wide. You can see my shadow in the bottom corner.

I suspect this is horse for “less pictures, more carrots”.

owen and my shadow (vivi)

owen (vivi)

I told Owen I liked his hair and wished mine was more that length – sort of just brushing in my eyes. He wasn’t sure what to make of the compliment.

I forgot this one first time around – so quick edit to add Owen thundering across the field towards us …

owen thunders across the field

“You’ve got carrots you say?! I’m coming, I’m coming – don’t go …”

Owen thunders across the field after we’ve been trying to attract his attention for 5 minutes (spot the townies).

By the time he got to the fence Paul was almost at the back door. Don’t think I’ve experienced a horse coming towards me that fast before but he did brake at the last second. There were carrots on offer after all.

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4 comments on “Introducing Owen (Photography)
  1. adam says:

    Lovely – I love hosses! Wonderful what these throw-away cameras can do!

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