Polar Bear – Initial Stages (Painting)

Continuining to develop style and technique to bring my drawings to canvas this is my next painting. It’s a version of my (very popular) drawing My First Polar Bear.

This is the deep edge 8″x8″ (20cm x 20xm) canvas on my easel after the intial drawing has gone on in ink using a Copic Brush Pen.

two paws and claws - initial drawing on easel

The drawing stage went a bit wrong so I started to use titanium white acrylic to cover the bad lines. In the process I learnt a valuable lesson – leave the ink overnight to dry completely! So there’s some muddy parts where the cover up mixed with the ink (hence a grey nose!).

I’ve finished the painting today and he looks much more refined but I haven’t photos to show you yet, so I’m posting this to give you a taste of what to expect.  I now know the painting is called Two Paws and Claws.

PS: There is some debate in our house as to what this polar bear’s name is. I think it’s Pete but Mr Creative has other ideas.

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3 comments on “Polar Bear – Initial Stages (Painting)
  1. Tim says:

    Maybe one of them can be his middle name? 😉 Look forward to seeing final result!

  2. Paul Groves says:

    I just think he has a touch of “Harry” about him. I could see him in a pork pie hat and driving gloves, chuckling at his own jokes so his shoulders move up and down.
    But I think Pete works perfectly too and I’m already constructing a story in my head about him being the life and soul of the iceberg, entertaining all the penguins and seals – in a good way and not in an irritating way, obviously.

  3. dee muzzi says:

    He’s got such great character/personality. I love him (and all his antics ha ha) already!

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