Two Paws and Claws (Painting)

Two Paws and Claws. Enquire about this painting by email

A painting of Pete the Polar Bear on a small canvas.

two paws and claws

Acrylic on canvas. 8″ x 8″ (20x20cm). August 2008.

It’s difficult to show the subtle cream and white of his fur coat in a photograph. These photos of the painting hanging on a wall show different aspects of the brushwork and how the sides of this deep edged canvas are also painted.

two paws and claws - from the side

two paws and claws - from below


  1. Rachel – Thank you :o)

    Ashy – He is a character isn’t he? I have already had some ideas for adventures for him ;o)

    Paul – Everytime I see him I hear Pete. So that must be what his name is.

    Digitalesse – Well thank you :o)

    Kristin – I am indeed planning to sell him. Think I need to varnish him first so will let you know :o)

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