Paintings Pending Varnishing

I’ve completed my Horse With No Name painting and have now completed another of a big fat penguin.  I don’t have photos ready to show you yet unfortunately. Soon I promise!

horse drawing

Also I’ve decided that varnishing the paintings is a good idea to give extra protection to the paint and it makes them easy to take care of too (as you can wipe them with a damp cloth without fear of chipping any paint off!).

two paws and claws - from the side

I haven’t quite perfected my varnish finish. I’m trying to get the right balance of a lovely satin sheen to show off the colours without being too glossy and giving a nasty glare in the light.

rex robot - side

So as I am away at my dad’s this week and as the paintings will need time to dry properly before they can be packaged up it looks as though it will be October before I am in a positon to start selling work.  But it’s important to get it right and not make myself ill trying to do too much in too short a time.

So watch this space for more news and photos of a cheeky horse and fat penguin will follow.

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6 comments on “Paintings Pending Varnishing
  1. adam says:

    Lovely! I used to love daubing with acrylics and oils and you are tempting me to begin again.

  2. cusp says:

    I use the spray varnish. Gives a really light even coat (if that’s what you want) but you have to e a bit careful of the fumes — fine outdoors though and a can lasts for ages

  3. Adam – If you start daubing I’d love to see the results please.

    Cusp – I am a notoriously bad sprayer. Don’t know why or how someone can be inpet at spraying but I am. Shame really because it’s bound to be quicker. Ah well. I shall find my groove soon enough.

  4. mudspice says:

    I love all these guys that you’ve painting and it’s so exciting that you’re going to be selling them. I’m sure you will be very successful. Best of luck.

  5. Thanks Mudspice. It is exciting and just a little nerve wracking too :o)

  6. adam says:

    I like these little canvases, must see if I can get them locally … Actually, I say little but am not sure what size they are.

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