Big Fat Penguin of Determination (Painting)

Big Fat Penguin of Determination – SOLD.

big fat penguin of determination - square

Introducing The Big Fat Penguin of Determination.

Colour certainly brought out some more personality.

big fat penguin of determination

As I finished him he looked pretty serious but Mr Creative says he’s just a very determined penguin. Hence the title.

big fat penguin of determination - from side

Acrylic on box canvas. Approx 8″ x 8″ (20cm x 20cm).

big fat penguin of determination - from bottom


  1. VERY determined:-) Reminds of the movie about the male Emperer penguins and how they endure the winter w an egg on their feet!!

    Are you thinking of opening an Etsy store? Prints of this and your other works would be very popular, I think. You just have to be in a position to keep producing — which I’m not, but you may be.

  2. Nina – I am working towards an etsy store. Although I am not sure is somewhere like redbubble (you might want to take a look at them by the way with your own work) might be better for prints. But I also had an idea of how to do it so I can sell prints direct/through etsy so I can do limited edition runs. I need to do some more research and some tests before I am in a position to do prints. But it’s on my list :o)

    Ele – Thanks. You’re right – I think he does believe that he can fly though with that belly he’s at an obvious disadvantage. Mainly I reckon his mind is set on big piles of fish (served on a silver platter) washed down with plenty of margaritas. It explains our chubby friend’s figure.

  3. Hi Rachel
    love, love, love your paintings and your photos are so amazing, I just know I will have to visit again soon to look more closely. I will definately be checking back to find out about your canvases for sale, they are awesome. Will you do commissions? Could you email me please if yes?
    Hugs Lainey in Western Australia

  4. I was idly looking at the thumbnails and it occurred to me that this one, the Horse With No Name and the Bear Whose Name I Forget would work really well together as (part of?) a set of greeting cards. Might be worth investigating.

  5. Rachel – Hmmm .. so maybe he WILL fly … :o)

    Mudspice – Thanks very much.

    Cusp – Thank you for the award! How lovely.

    Tim – Well very nice of you to say so. It’s something I’ve been looking at actually this last week. Not found quite to right fit yet. So we’ll see :o)

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