TTV Afternoon (Photography)

More photographs from when I stayed at my dad’s recently. This time TTV (Through The Viewfinder).

All taken with digital SLR using a close up filter +4 through the viewfinder of a Duaflex II.

ttv hosepipe stand

ttv vent

ttv gate

ttv up up up

ttv door ttv airbrick
ttv table and wheelie bin ttv frog alarm

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7 comments on “TTV Afternoon (Photography)
  1. Donimo says:

    How do you do this technique? I like the odd effect, but I can’t picture what you’re doing!I especially like the wood image with its distortion. The texture is very pleasing.

  2. Do you have, or remember, those old cameras with the big viewfinders that you hold at waist level to see the image you’re about to take? Well you look at that viewfinder through your digital camera. You are taking a photo of what the viewfinder of the old camera sees.

    Have a look at this article by Russ and there’s a photo of him taking a TTV shot with a “contraption” attached. This is some kind of cardboard or tube that blocks the light and helps reduce glare off the viewfinder.

    This is a photo of my Duaflex II with my “contraption”

    So it’s basically my Duaflex II with a carboard and tape tube around it and then my SLR balances on the top looking down the tube.

    There’s also another article here which shows someone holding both a SLR and an old Duaflex (without a contraption) which gives you the basic idea

  3. Donimo says:

    Thanks for explaining, Rachel. Very helpful links. I had no idea there was a contraption involved!I’m going to put the word out and see if anyone has a Duaflex I can borrow. Love the look.

  4. adam says:

    wonderful work Rachel – both in putting all that together and in the results. smashing!

  5. tomdurkin1 says:

    sweet idea, i really love this pictures. The boarders are cool and retro 🙂

  6. Donimo – Oh no! I’m being a bad influence again! Any camera with a large viewfinder will do. I’ve used my Twin 20 which has a viewfinder about 3cm across but gave a great effect.

    Adam – Thanks! I’m quite pleased with some of these.

    Tom – Thanks! I love the style. I wish I could do more but I find it quite tiring with 2 cameras and a big tube to negotiate. And I’ve not been brave enough to take it all in public yet!

  7. It's How I See It says:

    These are great. I hope to see some images when you decide to brave the public 🙂

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