Slaphead, New Love and Egghead Alpha (ACEO)

I’ve been working on some ACEO’s to sell on etsy.

ACEO’s (Art Cards, Editions, and Originals) are mini works of art based on the old baseball card size 2.5″ by 3.5″.  They originate from ATC (Artist Trading Cards) where artists would swap these small pieces of their own art with other artists.  ACEO’s are sold so those who are not artists can also enjoy the cards.  It’s a fun and affordable way to collect art.

So, I’ve been making some ACEO’s of my own.  Here are 3 that I’ve recently listed on etsy

All are drawn in ink with watercolour on thick watercolour paper (140lb acid free) and come in an an acid free, UV protective plastic sleeve.


aceo slaphead

This little guy has a comb over hairstyle and a slightly blank facial expression!

This is a one-off original ACEO.

aceo slaphead detail

New Love

aceo new love

These two are obviously smitten with each other. They only have eyes for the other.

This is a one-off original ACEO.

aceo new love detail

Egghead Alpha

aceo egghead alpha

It’s the little man with the huge egg shape head.

This is an original drawing. Up to 26 copies of this ACEO may be available but each is hand drawn and coloured, so each is unique. Each has a unique title with ‘Alpha’, ‘Beta’, ‘Charlie’ and so on.

aceo egghead alpha detail


I have more to share and also some tiny mini drawings also on watercolour paper.  They are a lot of fun to do!


    1. What an interesting idea. Photography ACEO.

      Yes I think you would need the finshed item to be stiffer than just photo paper.

      Not sure the best way to do it! Have a look around and see how other people are doing it. Some people do printed ACEO so you might be able to find out how they go about it. Good luck with it!

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