Teddy Tees for You and Baby – UK T-Shirts

My friend asked if I could make my Teddy Optimism mini painting available as a print on a baby t-shirt. But of course!

So now, for a limited time, in my UK/Europe t-shirt shop you can find organic tshirts for baby, as well as baby body suit, baby bib, ladies baseball shirts, organic bag and even an apron all featuring our happy hopeful teddy!


Plus Crazy Fluffy Hair and Psychokitty in ladies baseball tees.

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5 comments on “Teddy Tees for You and Baby – UK T-Shirts
  1. Ursula says:

    Rachel, the next pregnancy in the vicinity I’ll here of and you’ll have my custom.

    Unfortunately, Felix is now too old to tie him into that gorgeous bib. Once he was the best dressed baby boy in the whole of England. Now he can’t bear to wear a pair of jeans – under no account to be washed – unless they have at least one (large) hole in them. Any ideas?


  2. It’s possible that if you yourself started wearing grubby jeans with holes Felix would quickly switch to more snazzy dressing? To heap praise on his dress sense may make it uncool perhaps?

  3. Ursula says:

    Yeah, well, Rachel, ever the optimist – like me. If I followed your advice Felix would lock me in my bedroom. Incidentally (must send you photo) drop dead gorgeous Felix – usually clad in black complete with his long blond locks – makes me occasionally wish I wasn’t his mother (and no, I am not a cradle snatcher).

    Also: It’s a complete myth that you need a daughter to swap clothes with. I borrowed Felix’s black leather jacket the other night. I can’t say he was delighted at my request though conceded that style and fit are perfect for me. He has declined offer to raid my wardrobe in return.


  4. ashysheela says:

    my teddy optimism bib came today and it is beautiful, very nice quality and so cute! hoping to see it modelled when i meet the lil nipper tonight 🙂 thanks!

  5. Cool! Send me a photo sometime if you can ;o)

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