Six 20 E, Ful Vue II and Action Sampler (Camera Gear)

I found some photos taken earlier in the year of camera’s I own.  I haven’t yet finished films in these cameras to show you the results from.

Six 20 – Model E

Six 20 Model E - 1 with case

Six 20 Model E - 6

This Six 20 Model E was given to me by my dad.  It was given to him as a present from his parents when he was a young boy.  It was many additional functions to the Model C I have including filters for different weather/light conditions and focus, a lock to guard against double exposures and contacts for a flash unit.  it even has a fancy metal film winding knob instead of the plastic version on Model C.

This camera takes 620 film (hence it’s name) but you can respool 120 film onto old spools.

Ensign Ful Vue II

Ful Vue ii - 1

Ful Vue ii - 2

Ful Vue ii - 5

I love the design of the Ful Vue II from Ensign.  It takes 120 film but the modern plastic spools are a bit too chunky so respooling film to the old metal spools is best.  It has instant or timed modes and a focus ring.

My Film Camera Collection as of June 2008

My Cameras - June 2008

My camera collection has grown since this photo was taken.

Sports 35 Action Sampler

sports 35 action sampler - 2

This Sports 35 Action Sampler has 4 lenses to take 4 exposures on one frame. It takes 35mm film. The 4 shutters fire mechanically one after the other.  If you photograph a moving subject the idea is to have 4 different moments captured.  We’ll see once I’ve finished my first film!

The shutter mechanism sound like a loud wind up toy, or a very angry bee, so it’s not great for discreet snapshots!

This camera is similar to Lomography’s Action Sampler but I think it’s supplied by Accoutrements who supply the Split Cam.  Here it’s called a Quad Cam but the box this one came in called it a Sports 35 Action Sampler.  Confusing!


  1. Hi,
    I found an ensign ful vue recently in my house. im going to try and take some photos of it. im wondering if you know how many full revolutions of the rewind button do you do to go to the next negative on the roll? thanks!
    kirri 🙂

  2. Hi Kirilee

    The first thing is to check that you’re not missing how to see the film numbers. The Ful Vue has a little cover which rotates on front of the film window to protect the paper backed film from unwanted exposure to bright light.

    So on the back of the camera is a little round window with a knob above it. If you rotate that knob anti clockwise it should open and let you see the film through the red window.

    It seems the red plastic cover of that film window is quite delicate though and if it’s broken you made need to tape it up with gaffer tape or similar to stop the light runing your film. In which case you can’t see the numbers to roll the film on.

    So I’ve run a film through and noted the resolutions of the film winding knob. It’s slightly different for each frame as the spools get fatter or slimmer. Here’s how mine ran exactly on a little chart. If you wanted an easy option I would say do 1 and a half turns between frames but you may only get 8 or 10 shots from a film.

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